Priscilla Pugliese - Actress and producer of the most successful LGBT web series in Latin America

"Knowing that it lifted someone out of emotional depression"- Priscilla Pugliese, Actress and producer of the most successful LGBT web series in Latin America via

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Natalie Smith - “A Melhor Amiga da Noiva"

"I never expected to reach that audience [we have many fans outside of Brazil] and we had no idea that the repercussions would be so great" - via Entrevista

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Leading actresses in the largest LGBT webseries in Latin America

Life imitates art and with the leading actresses in the largest lgbt webserie in Latin America it was no different. Natalie Smith and Priscilla Pugliese  shared with a lot of transparency and exclusivity a little of their trajectory, starting with the starting point, when they met a few years ago -- via



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Natalie Smith and Priscila Pugliese Star in "The Stripper"

“The Stripper” is based on a short story that has become an internet phenomenon with over 15 million readings. The series deals with a subject that has been widely debated in recent years, the freedom to love without prejudice, it is clear that it is a way of touching "wounds" that are open in society today via

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Priscilla Pugliese highlights importance of the LGBT parade

"We do need to celebrate together and celebrate victories, like the criminalization of homophobia that we achieve even though we live in a government with so many setbacks and hate speech against the community, for example. But in addition, I believe that this event is still seen only as a party for a good part of the public, and I believe that this should not be in the foreground" via

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Priscilla Pugliese travels with the “Eclipse Tour”

The actress, who became well known after starring in successful web series on youtube, decided to hold the event across the country in order to have even greater proximity with Brazilian fans. “I decided to do the Eclipse Tour because I felt it was the moment to talk about my work, looking at the faces of each fan, showing them that I did it and that they can do it too" - via

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Natalie Smith talks about experience with the new series “The Stripper”

"When our audience asked for The Stripper I tried to understand why they asked. When I finally read the fanfic I was able to understand why it was so successful. After a lot of conversation, between me, Priscilla and Rodrigo, we convinced ourselves that we really needed to make The Stripper happen" - Natalie Smith via

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Natalie Smith talks about her adolescence

"I was inspired by Camila Cabello to bring a “Juliana” with a strong and determined personality. However, at the same time, she will live difficult moments that will show the fragile side that she also has". - via

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Priscilla Pugliese - Eclipse Tour (Rio)

“I want to show a little of my work with Eclipse Tour and make dreams come true, for the fans and also for my team. But, above all, 'Eclipse' is to show who I really am ” - Priscilla Pugliese via



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