The Stripper

"The Stripper" tells the story of Camila, a woman who was invited to be a stripper at Imperium nightclub when she was going through her worst moment in life, after a while she gets a job at a big company and begins staying with both jobs.

One day a famous businesswoman visits Imperium and is completely in love with the dancer Camila represents, called Karla there, but she has an agreement with the place to be just a dancer.

The next day, at her company, she is introduced to her newest president: Lauren, the same businesswoman she had been so desired for at Imperium. Through the help of her choreographer Wesley, and her friends Ally and Dinah, Camila / Karla will go through different situations to hide Camila's true identity.

Based on a Camren fanfic, "The Stripper" stars Priscila Pugliese, Natalie Smith and Rodrigo Tardelli.

Brought to you by Ponto Ação Productions, a small independent film production company based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The remaining episodes (6-10) have been released

(with English, Spanish, French and Polish subtitles)


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